General FAQ

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! For every neighbor you refer that signs up for our service you will get one free month of service credited to your account. Your neighbor's installation fee of $50 will be waived. The more you refer, the more you save! 

Can I upgrade/downgrade in the future?

Yes no problem. Just after 30 days.

Will my speeds be slower at peak demand times?

No, each customer has their own dedicated Fiber Optic connection.

In general, WiFi has more interference during peak times because more devices are online as well as your neighbors devices. 

If you are experiencing problems, then let us know and we can help you with optimizing your router!

Will fiber ever be coming to our neighborhood in the future?

We continue to build out our fiber internet system to new neighborhoods and a select few existing neighborhoods. In addition we have created a new Hybrid Wireless system fed directly from our fiber internet to cover existing neighborhoods with speed plans very close to our fiber internet offerings. Please see for further information and coverage.

How does your speed and cost compare to other providers?


[1000/40 (mbps) @ $90/month]

[275/10 (mbps) @ $85.95/month]

[75/10 (mbps) @ $55.95/month]



[1000/1000 (mbps) @ $85/month]

[100/100 (mbps) @ $65/month]



[1000/1000 (mbps) @ $120/month]

[100/100 (mbps) @ $70/month]

Billing FAQ

Are my rates going to increase in the near future?

No, this is not intro pricing. We have been in business for 6 years and have only increased our rates once (August 1st 2020)! We don't change things often, and we guarantee we won't change the price until at LEAST 2023. 

Are there really no taxes or fees?
  • No taxes and no fees of any kind. Most fees for our competitors add 5-20% to the monthly bill 
  • When we say your price is $55 per month, that literally means 55.00 (this is after any initial first month where the bill is prorated based on the number of days you have our service) 
I'm a new customer, how do I login to the billing portal?

If you missed our sign up email when you were activated, please go to and select "New portal user? Register an account here!"

Enter your email address you originally submitted when you signed up for an install.

Reach out to if you have any issues getting in.

Do you have auto-pay?

Yes! Once you add a Credit Card on our billing portal, before you save the card, select the checkbox near the bottom that says "Use for future payments"

Technical FAQ

Do I need a modem?

No, our fiber optic internet comes through your house on a Cat5e cable, so just an Gigabit Ethernet Router is all you need!

Which router do you recommend?

Check out our Amazon list here. We are constantly updating.

What about these mesh routers?

When looking at a mesh system, we recommend purchasing ones that allow you to hard wire each access point via Ethernet, this allows the hard wired speeds to be repeated throughout your house. Other systems that just pick up the connection from the base unit may not be repeating a quality signal, since the signal will get slower as it travels farther distances in your house. 

Can I get a static public IP address?

Yes, this is an option and we charge an extra $5/mo.

Are the download speeds the same as my uploads?

Yes, duplex speeds. Just another reason Avative is different than other providers.

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