Fast Internet.
Unlimited Devices.
No Worries.

Providing simple, fast Fiber internet for single and multi-family homes in Saratoga Springs.

Residential Service Plans

We offer month-to-month pricing with no long-term contracts! Cancel at any time with no penalty.

Start Simple Package:
100 MBPS

$35 per month
  • $90 installation fee for new subscribers
  • High speed for 3–4 devices at the same time

Local Support

We use local staff and resources to provide quality friendly interaction to our customers. 


Fast Response Time

Our staff is available 24/7 to take your call. If necessary, local technicians are dispatched as quickly as possible. 


High Speeds

Our fiber internet is the fastest available technology today and for years to come. 



No billing games and no extra fees. Our fixed prices include everything you need.

Customers Rate Us Highly on Facebook

"You're not going to find a better deal for screaming fast internet. We only have to 200 mbps, but it's so much more than we ever use. We've used Avative for almost two years now and I can't imagine going to any other provider. Service has always been great to us, and no contract is just one more reason to love it."

Jonathon A.

5-Star Review

"Wow about sums it up! I am in the Harbor Bay subdivision here in Saratoga Springs and Avative has been the best internet I have every had. I work from home and love the consistency and speed. I've been on the 1000 Mb plan for almost a year now. Support has been fantastic even when the fault has been on my side."

Brandon B.

5-Star Review

"Friendly customer service, fast and reliable internet service, and an awesome alternative to the cable and DSL monopolies."

Tanner W.


"We have used them for almost 3 years and we are hooked! So fast and so reliable! And their customer service is excellent!!!"

Alison Q.

5-Star Review

"I have had a wonderful experience with Avative Fiber. I have been a customer for the last 18 months. The connection is very stable and fast. There has been a few very brief outages that have been resolved quickly with great customer service. Also, the few outages have been shorter and much much less frequent than what I have previously experienced with DSL or Cable ISPs. I would repeat choosing Avative as my internet provider and highly recommend them. Thank you."

Jonathon A.

5-Star Review

"We’ve tried every available option in our Saratoga Springs neighborhood and Avative is best by leaps and bounds. Excellent customer service, and we stream TV seamlessly almost every time."

Julie B.

5-Star Review

"Avative is the ONLY way to go with internet. You get exactly what is advertised and the service is unmatched. We love the quality and reliability of the high speed and the confidence of knowing the well trained and knowledgeable staff are always available for support. Thanks Avative!"

Brandy T.

5-Star Review

"Just got the service installed at my house yesterday and was able to get around 900Mbps testing transfers to a server OUT of the Avative network! For those of you who aren't technical, this is GREAT! It means that you actually get close to the 1Gbps the provider promises us EVEN when the packets leave their network! (of course your mileage will vary depending on where you are connecting to but, as a Computer Engineer, I can tell you this is the BEST service you'll get in Saratoga Springs)"

Luis S.

5-Star Review

"I was the first customer in the Stillwater subdivision of Saratoga Springs to get Avative Fiber internet service installed. I got the 100 Mb/s plan and have consistently been running at 95 Mb/s upload & download since it was installed. My entire family can be watching videos, downloading files, and playing games at the same time without any problems, slowdowns, or lag issues. I love it! Great product at a great price! I am a customer for life!"

Kevin W.

5-Star Review

"I had Google Fiber when I lived in Provo and I thought that was the best ISP ever. Turns out I was wrong. Avative has been fast and reliable. The customer service is the best. Truly a world-class experience while providing a small town feel."

Scott C.

5-Star Review

"So far so good. I switched ours from wireless to Fiber and so far we have been very happy with the service. Once it's available in our neighborhood I'll switch my house as well."

Dan B.

5-Star Review

"Excellent service and quality. Would recommend to anyone."

Nicole H.

5-Star Review

"Cheaper and more reliable. Super Fast. Never has to buffer."

Travis D.

5-Star Review

"Any ISP will have their brief outages and occasional issues, but Avative has been great in always being responsive and ensuring they deliver. Super high speeds at an amazing price. Very happy they are in the area."

Dale G.

10 Months Ago

"These guys are awesome! Super fast fiber for a great price and great customer service! All those years I wasted money on AT&T and Century Link. Get Avative!"

Joshua C.

2 Years Ago

Add-Ons Coming Soon!

Be the first to know when new add-ons become available like TV and VoIP.


Fast Installation for Lasting Service

Our professionals are prompt and careful when it comes to giving you the best connection possible.

If your home or building is already wired for our fiber optic internet, installation takes about an hour.


Up Your Speed. Stop Your Worries.

Get local, fast Fiber internet. No long-term contracts. No limits.

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